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Sealy Posturepedic

High Point Hybrid Soft - Mattress

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High Point Hybrid Soft Mattress


Sealy Brand Started it roots in Sealy Texas, with over 140 years of Mattress Innovation this brand is the one that started a new way of living in the south. In Texas if you had a Sealy Mattress you were truly living the dream. 

To keep the spirit of innovation and excellent sleep going Sealy has introduced the new High Point Soft Mattress to give you affordable luxury with great nights sleep. 

When you combine the worlds first Posture-Ized (more coils in the center of the mattress where you carry most of your weight) to the innovative foams you will get a smooth surfaced pillow feel with the pillowtop. Enjoy the true comfort of a Hybbrid mattress. The HighPoint mattress offers comfort levels in both soft, hard, and medium feels. We are sure you are going to love these new Hybrid mattresses by Sealy. 

Works Perfectly with an Ease Adjustable base 


* Surface Guard Technology Keeps your mattress bacteria free

* Sealy Chill Fabric Keeps your mattress cool to the touch 

* Comfort Sense Foams Senses your bodys movements and reacts 

* Sealy Cool Gel Memory Foam Keeps mattress cooler longer 

* Targeted Support Coils posturized for more support 

* Edge Support with dense coils on the edge of the bed giving you more sleeping surface 






Mattress Size Chart

 Mattress Xperts

An easy Guide to mattress sizes and measurements 

Twin Size Mattress   38" X  75" 
Twin XL Size Mattress 38" X 80" 
Full Size Mattress 54" X 75"
Queen Size Mattress  60" X 80" 
King Size Mattress 76" X 80" 
Cal King Size Mattress  72" X 84"  


* It is important to understand that these mattress measurements are approximate measurements and can vary depending on manufacture by 1/2 inch. 


What is an exchange policy -Vs- Refund Policy? 

Exchange policies and refund policies are two different ways that retailers can handle customer returns. An exchange policy allows customers to return items and receive different items instead.

A refund policy allows customers to return items and receive a refund for the cost of the item. Most mattress retailers have gone to an exchange-only policy in order to avoid having to prolonged customer issues. This is because refunds can be expensive and time-consuming for consumers and staff.

Exchange policies are generally seen as being more customer-friendly, as they allow customers to get the items they want instead of returning items and waiting for a refund. However, exchange policies can also be more complicated for retailers which is why we try our best at Mattress Xperts to ensure you chose the right mattress the first time. 


Every Customer Should receive a copy of Mattress Xperts Policy upon purchase which states the following. 

Price Match Guarantee: Mattress Xperts knows we are the lowest-price retailer in our area which is why we offer a price match of 60 days for any brick-and-mortar location within a 20-mile radius. All Price Match offers must be in writing and confirmed by management. The product must be the same product. 

* All incentive items of value and quantity must be included. 

* Can not be discontinued items, used items, or floor models and must be sold by a dealer who carries a manufacturer license. 

Refund Policy: Due to the transient nature of south Florida we have discontinued offering refunds but instead we offer exchange policies. 

Exchange Policy: Customer has 60 days to exchange the comfort of their mattress and customers are allotted one exchange per Purchase. Your exchange must be between $500 plus or minus your original purchase. Mattress Xperts will refund up to $500 of the exchange value. We do not exchange foundations or adjustable bases. 

* We do not charge for Exchanges. You will never be asked to pay a 15-20% charge of your original purchase for "RESTOCKING" fees. We never restock our products. 

* Exchange policy does not apply to furniture, adjustable bases, discontinued items or floor models. 

*All Promotional products like Pillows, Adjustable bases, mattress protectors, free delivery, frames, or any other items that were on Promotion during your purchase will be subtracted and added to your original purchase price for exchange . 

Refund: If you are entitled to a refund you may opt for store credit or a refund. Refunds will be issued by a check from our corporate office and could take up to 21 days to process. 

Delivery: Mattress Xperts recommends moving all items that are breakable from the path of delivery so that it is not damaged during the delivery process. We ask that you please refer to our delivery page for further instructions. Mattress Xperts will not be held liable for any damage caused by delivery service for failure to adhere by our delivery instructions. 

Customer Receipts: Customers are required by the manufacturer to keep a copy of their receipts in case of a warranty. Mattress Xperts can not be held accountable for customers' receipts if ever needed for future needs.  



    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida
    High Point Hybrid Firm Mattress - Mattress Xperts Florida

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