Mattress Xperts offers delivery, Set-up, and removal for one low price. We will never charge you extra to haul away your old mattress or any disposal fees and set-up is always included in your mattress delivery.

As a customer of Mattress Xperts, your safety and welfare is very important to us which is why we provide our own delivery team and do not contract out your delivery to other companies. The best thing about owning a Locally owned business is that we have the ability to keep things small and running effectively and timely. 

Your Safety Is Important to Us: We do not contract out our deliveries or set-ups because it puts our customers at risk. 

Our Delivery Team: Our delivery team has worked for us for over 5 years and trained by our manufacturers on installation and repair. 

Background Checks: When you contract out your labor you have no way of knowing the backgrounds of the individual people you are hiring. 

Meet your Delivery Crew: Jonathan and Lee our Delivery specialists have worked for Mattress Xperts for over 5 years. The owners of Mattress Xperts has known Lee and Jonathan personally for over 14 years. 

Scheduling your delivery: When you purchase at Mattress Xperts we will schedule a 4-hour window and date of your delivery. If you ever need to change that date and time just contact the store you purchased at and we will reschedule for you. 

Damaged Product Upon Delivery:  Every once in a while we do get a defective product from our manufacturers if your product arrives damaged we ask that you please notify our staff within 24 hours so that we may resolve your issue quickly and effectively with our staff. Please email us at Warranty@MattressXperts.com

Hurricane Days and Bad Weather Our box trucks are very large and should not be driven in high winds. This puts our delivery crew in danger. Our customer service team may contact you during bad weather and reschedule your delivery date and time. 

 How to Prepare for Delivery: Mattress Xperts will not be held liable in the event something was damaged in your home if steps were not taken to remove breakable items from the path of delivery. Here are some things you should consider before your delivery. 

- Clear a path from your entryway of any and all breakables. 

- If you purchased a mattress please have bedding and linen removed. 

- If you are not at home during the time of delivery our crew can not wait for you to get home. That pushes all other deliveries back. You will need to reschedule and pay an additional delivery fee.  

- If your condo requires proof of insurance, this is a document that requires 48 hour notice because it is specific to your condo address. You must tell your store consultant. If we arrive at your condo and proof of insurance is required, you will need to pay an added delivery cost. 

- Our delivery crew adhere to OSHA standards and Guidelines, they are required to do so to remain licensed. If a pick up item is soiled or infested they will not pick up your item. We leave it to the desecration of our crew to chose following the guidelines of OSHA standards. 

- Bed Bugs or Pests: If you have bed bugs, mites, or pests your mattress will not be picked up nor will the new mattress purchased be delivered until your home has been cleared. 



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