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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  Great Selection and Prices. Love this company.Everyone went above and beyond for us.

R. Goldman
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5/5 (1,839)

 Went to several stores before visiting. Mattress Xperts really understood what I was needing. 

Andrea Baker
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
4.5/5 (1,839)

 If I could give them 10 stars I would. Best Buying experience. So happy to support small businesses in my neighborhood.

Toni C.
Parkland, Florida

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mattress brands We Offer

Mattress Size Chart

Mattress Size Chart 

Mattress Size  Mattress Dimensions
 Twin   38" Wide x 75" Long
Twin Xl  38" Wide x 80" Long 
Full or Double  54" Wide x 75" Long
Queen 60" Wide x 80" Long
King 76" Wide x 80" Long
Split King 38" wide x 80 Long (x2)
California King  72" Wide x 84" Long



38" Wide X 75" Long

A twin size bed has the width of 38 inches wide from side to side and is 75" long from head to toe. A Twin Size mattress is the perfect mattress size for children’s rooms and guest rooms. A Twin Size mattress is 5" shorter than a queen or a king size mattress but still the same length as a full or double. 


38" Wide X 80" Long 

A Twin Xl mattress has the same length as a king or a queen size bed which is 80" long but the width of 38" the same size as twin size mattress. A Twin XL mattress is generally found in dorm rooms. When you put two Twin XL's together you make a King size mattress. 


54" Wide X 75" Long 

Full Size beds measure 54 inches wide from side to side and 75 inches from head to toe. A Full size mattress is a great size mattress for teenage kids who has sleep overs because it will comfortably fit two teen kids and limit the room space taken. A Full Size mattress will comfortably sleep one large adult or 2 smaller adults. 


60" Wide X 80" Long 

A Queen Size mattress is 60 inches from side to side and 80 inches long from head to toe. A Queen Size mattress is one step up from a full or double and comfortably fits 2 adults. A Queen Size mattress is great for adults who are taller, but do not have the room size to accommodate a king which is 16" wider than a Queen. 


76" Wide X 80" Long 

A King Size mattress measures 76 inches from side to side, and 80 inches from head to toe. King Size mattresses are 16" wider than a Queen Size mattress and are great for couples who often need more space.  A King Size mattress will use & need (2) Foundations or Box Springs due to the center support needed for a king size bed. When Purchasing a king size mattress on our site be sure to purchase 2 foundations for a king size mattress. 


(2) 38 Wide X 80" Long Mattresses 

A Split King Size mattress measures the same size as a typical king size mattress however it is split in two by purchasing (2) Twin Xl mattresses and foundations. When couples want to utilize an adjustable base with separate head and foot features couples will purchase a Split King Mattress. 

💡 Things to think about when purchasing a Split King: 


72" Wide X 84" Long 

Most People think that a California King is Wider than the average king size mattress however that is incorrect. A California King is 4" less wide but 4" longer than an average king size mattress. Typically people who are taller than 6 Foot go with a California King due to the length being longer.