60 Mattress Sleep Trial

Mattress Xperts Sleep trial is FREEEEE . We do not charge you an added fee to exchange your mattress like the big guys in town. OUR Exchange program is Pretty Simple: 


  • IF you are not comfortable within 30 days of sleeping on your mattress you will need to contact the store in which you purchased from and speak to your Mattress Xpert who assisted you with your sale. We ask that you visit the store during slower times of the weekday, but of course we will assist you at any time.
  • You will need to reselect a mattress at equal or greater than the price you purchased. Mattress Xperts will not refund for less than. You will need to pay the added value and a redelivery fee of $95 .This will include sending your mattresss back to the manufacture since we do not sell used items running a "clearance" store. 
  • If your mattress was on sale during your purchase you will need to pay retail to retail on the prices. The reason is that sometimes for promotional sale items Mattress Xperts may receive a discounted cost through the manufacture when you purchase on sale.
  • It is retail price to retail price when you reselect. 


At the time of writing  this website page (as we know some corporate policies may change) Some retailers are not forking over the added exchange fee associated with exchanging your purchase in their online policy. They will reference a "SMALL FEE" to exchange your mattress so please read the fine print before you decide. Or just come on in to a Mattress Xperts near you where we make it easy to shop for a new mattress. 

5 Essential Things to Consider when buying a mattress

What is the one thing I should know before mattress shopping?

First thing to know before mattress shopping is how do you sleep at night? What is the position you fall asleep in at night, and what is the position you wake up in the morning? This will help your sales person Identify your needs.

Consider your budget before shopping for a Mattress.

Budget is always a good thing to consider when shopping for a mattress. Know your budget prior to mattress shopping. Always, be up front and honest with your sales person about your budget. A good sales person will always stick to your budget and give you payment options if you need to go over your budget.

Know your bed size and height

I know this may sound strange but mattresses heights range any where from 8" all the way up to 37". Knowing the height of your bed is important to making a good purchase.

Do you wake up with back pain in the morning?

Morning Pain Check. A week or so prior to shopping for a mattress take a mental note of morning pains. If you wake up with tingling or numb hands, does your rib area hurt, is your neck or shoulder hurting. These are all a good reference for your sales associate. Knowing these things can lead your salesperson to the right mattress for you.

Should you consider your weight and size when mattress shopping?

Absolutely. Your BMI or Body Mass Index plays a role in finding a suitable mattress for you to sleep on. Mattress Associates are trained to take BMI into consideration. A 90 lb woman will have different needs than a 200 lb man. All body compositions are different which is why Mattress stores offer so many models to chose from and buying a one size fits all online mattress is not a good way to shop.

Factors to Consider for Mattress Sizes

1) Sleeper Specifications

First, if you share a bed with your partner, you need to consider how much sleeping space you need to ensure you’re both comfortable. Factor in your weight, height, and sleep habits. For instance, do you roll around as you sleep, or you’re normally stationary? Do you usually spread yourself out, or do you sleep straight?
If you need assistance visualizing the mattress size you need, refer to the following:

  • Although a full mattress can fit two people, for couples, the queen-size mattress is highly recommended
  • If possible, purchase a mattress that is 6 inches longer, depending on your height
  • What are your personal bedroom habits other than sleeping? Do you watch TV or read in bed? If you usually lounge while in bed, you should consider getting a bigger bed.

2) Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a mattress? Depending on your budget, you can easily narrow down the available options. For instance, the queen size is advisable for couples. The King size is also highly recommended for couples. However, the King size will cost more than the Queen size. In such an instance, a couple that doesn’t have a flexible budget can settle on the Queen size mattress since it will meet their needs.

3) Consider the Size of Your Room

The bed is a focal point of the bedroom; however, you still need space for other items such as nightstands, a dresser, a desk, a TV stand, clothes rack, a vanity set, or other pieces of furniture in the room. Also, you need enough space in the bedroom to walk freely.
To avoid a claustrophobic or cluttered feel, you should leave at least 30 inches of clearance on every side of the bed except the head since it is supposed to sit against the wall. If your bedroom has enough space to accommodate this clearance, your bed, and other pieces of furniture, you can go ahead and check the ideal minimum dimensions for every mattress size.

4) Your Body Size

When choosing a mattress, you should consider your height. A twin mattress usually is 75 inches long, whereas a Twin XL mattress is normally 80 inches long. If you’re over 6 feet tall, the twin mattress won’t meet your needs. Instead, you can choose the Twin XL mattress if you’re 6 feet and 2 inches tall. The Queen size and King size mattresses are also recommended for people who are 6 feet and 7 inches tall. If you’re above 7 feet tall, go for the California King-size mattress.
For those who need more space, the queen, full, and king-size bed will offer unmatched comfort levels.

Final Thoughts on Shopping for a Mattress

When you consider each of these factors, you can easily pick the right mattress size depending on the size of your bedroom and your physique in terms of height and weight. After selecting a mattress size, you can move to the next step, selecting a mattress type. The shopping guide above has looked into the specifications of specific mattress sizes, which means you can choose a size that suits you depending on whether you are a couple with pets and kids or live alone.