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Chose A Business that Understands your Transport Needs

Mattress Xperts has partnered with numerous South East Florida Cargo and Port Transportation facilities to ship mattresses and furniture to the Bahama's, Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. Rely on a Company that prioritizes your requirements and comprehends the logistics of cargo shipping.

Vacation Home Furniture Package Discounts

We offer great furniture packages for vacation rentals and small hotel owners. Contact our team to find out more information on our Vacation Home Furniture Packages ranting from $2000 to $10,000 without paying retail.

Heavenly Mattress? Marriott Quality

Marriott knew that a Heavenly mattress would fill their rooms. At Mattress Xperts you can get a great "Heavenly" Mattress without the Marriott price to fill your vacation home or hotel.

Expert Port Delivery & Packagaging

Mattress Xperts has delivered over 8,000 times to our local ports. We understand the time constraints and shipping fees you are under. That is why we offer professional, timely Port Delivery, Packaging and getting your orders right the first time.

Service you can Count On!

As a small business owner, the ability to prioritize customer expectations is one of the greatest benefits. Moreover, having a reliable company that can ensure the timely delivery of your furniture and mattresses to the port is crucial for your peace of mind.

Shipping to the Caribbean, Bahamas or Puerto Rico

Are You looking for a professional staff to help you get your mattresses and furniture to the port in time for your next shipment of goods to the Bahamas, Caribbean or Puerto Rico? Look No Further than Mattress Xperts. With over 10 years of 5 Star Service our team understands what our South Florida Ports are needing in order to transport your goods to the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rico.


Mattress transport to Bahamas or Caribbean Islands

Meet Laura Your Online Care Specialist

Laura is Mattress Xperts Online Care Specialist. With Over 100,000 SKUS at her fingertips she can help you find the right furniture or mattresses to make your new Island Home an affordable stylish Oasis.

Bahama Furniture & Mattress Shipping

If you are in search of mattresses to be shipped to your home in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, or the Bahamas, Mattress Xperts is the answer to your needs. With over 10 years of exceptional service in the Fort Lauderdale area, we have established our expertise in getting your new mattresses delivered to the cargo carrier of your choice in Southeast Florida.

Our delivery team is well-equipped to handle your merchandise, making sure that they are tagged with your invoice, carrier name, and customer name, making the process much easier when it comes to customs. Bulk orders are also accepted, and discounts are available if you purchase 5 or more mattresses. We offer a variety of options that may not be listed on our website, providing an affordable alternative for your needs. A proof of purchase can also be provided to help you with your shipping expenses. Just let our online team know about your needs and budget, and we'll find quality mattresses for your Caribbean or Bahamian home.

Aside from our exceptional mattress selection, we also offer an online concierge service, headed by Laura, our online assistant. We have over 100,000 skus available at our fingertips, including affordable options to furnish your new beach home. Laura can assist you in finding the right furniture for your needs, and at a better price than any furniture store around. Our usual turnaround time for furniture shipped to our warehouse is 7 days, and we have an extensive selection to choose from, including bedroom sets, king and queen beds, bedding, sheets, pillows, and more, all sourced from multiple warehouses around the nation.

Mattress Xperts is a family-owned business with a 4.9-star service rating in Fort Lauderdale, and we take pride in offering an online concierge service to assist you in finding the perfect products for your new beach home. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for you, and let our online team help you in any way we can.


Trust Mattress Xperts

We will make sure your items get to the South Florida port destination on time.

Experience hassle-free transportation with our door-to-door service for your mattress and furniture deliveries. Our service allows you to conveniently ship your cargo to a variety of inland cities including Caguas, Mayagüez, Arecibo, the Bahamas, and many other Caribbean destinations. With over 10 years of experience working with numerous transport companies in South Florida, we have the expertise to handle the necessary information for transportation and customs. Our frequent deliveries to Puerto Rico include destinations such as the Port of San Juan or the Port of Ponce. At Mattress Xperts, we are committed to providing exceptional service, open communication, and a dedicated online support team to ensure your transportation needs are met seamlessly.

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Customer Reviews From our Neighboring Islands

Actual Client Testimony and Emails to Mattress Xperts

  • mattress xperts delray beach  5 star review profile image

    Jose G.

    Having been a small hotel owner in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a number of years, we have relied upon Mattress Xperts for our mattress shipments with great satisfaction. Our orders have consistently been accurate and delivered in a timely fashion, while their customer service and pricing for top-notch mattresses have always been exemplary. We recently acquired a whole container of furniture and we were delighted to discover that every piece had arrived on the freight in top condition. All in all, we remain very pleased with the quality and service provided by Mattress Xperts.

  • mattress xperts delray beach  5 star review profile image of a woman

    Tran Q.

    When it comes to finding quality mattresses for a vacation rental in the Grand Bahamas, bigger is not always better. Unfortunately, this is a lesson I learned the hard way when I chose a larger company to provide my mattresses. The experience was a complete nightmare from start to finish, with online orders failing to arrive at the port not once, but twice. As a result, I had to pay transportation and set up fees for merchandise that I never even received. Fortunately, I was able to find relief when I reached out to Mattress Xperts. Their team was able to quickly assess my needs and had everything I needed delivered to the dock the very next day. I didn't have to pay any reservation fees again and the owners were incredibly accommodating and understanding throughout the entire process. The items I received were in fantastic condition, and the inspector had everything they needed thanks to the excellent bagging and tagging from the Mattress Xperts team. Overall, I'm thrilled with the experience I had with this company and their amazing team.

  • Timothy Scott

    I would like to extend my gratitude to the owners of Mattress Xperts for their exceptional service. In particular, I want to recognize Laura for her outstanding online customer service and attention to detail during my purchase and transport of outdoor furniture to the Bahamas. Laura not only assisted me in selecting the perfect furniture and lighting but also provided invaluable guidance in designing a beautiful outdoor space. Her help was truly invaluable, and my wife and I could not be happier with the level of service she provided. Furthermore, Laura went above and beyond by helping us find a reliable transport service that we will definitely use in the future. I believe Laura is a remarkable representative of an exceptional small business, and I appreciate the outstanding service provided to us.

  • J.Chase Esq.

    For several years, Mattress Xperts has been my go-to for transporting mattresses and bedroom furniture to my beach homes in the Bahamas. Throughout my experience, the owners have demonstrated exceptional communication skills and have always offered valuable guidance in selecting high-quality products. Tina, in particular, has exceeded my expectations by going the extra mile and personally picking up items from another furniture company, at their own expense, to ensure we had everything we needed for a wedding hosted on our property. I appreciate their willingness to go above and beyond for us, making Mattress Xperts a valuable partner in my vacation rental business.

  • Augusta B.

    For a while now, I've had a strong desire to purchase a summer home in Puerto Rico. However, I've come to realize that certain aspects of the island may not be as accommodating as those in my home country, particularly when it comes to finding a comfortable mattress. Thankfully, I was able to connect with Mike from Mattress Xperts who completely understood my needs and desires. He not only helped me locate the perfect mattress, but he also went above and beyond to arrange shipping through a reliable freight company. I was delighted to find that my mattress arrived in pristine condition, expertly sealed and protected. Based on this outstanding experience, I'm now in the process of furnishing my bedroom and outdoor spaces with items from Mattress Xperts. I'm fully confident that they'll continue to offer top-notch service to Puerto Rico.

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