Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

Mattresses usually come in different sizes, so you may have difficulty determining which size suits you best based on your needs. One of the reasons why you should choose the right mattress size is because it affects your posture and sleep.

If the mattress you sleep on normally causes discomfort, you may experience body and back pain. When purchasing a mattress, some of the things you should be aware of include your bed size, which varies from one individual to another. For example, adults cannot use the same mattress size as children.

Below, we’ll look into different mattress sizes to clear the confusion that people usually experience as they look for the right mattress size that will fit well into their bed, depending on size.

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The dimensions of a twin-size mattress are 38” W x 75” L. It is the smallest mattress size for adults. The twin-size mattress is suitable for children who have outgrown their toddler beds. If you have a small bedroom, you can also opt for the twin-size mattress.

The twin bed size is mainly used for bunk beds, daybeds, small guest bedrooms, or dorm rooms. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get the twin-size mattress from Mattress Xperts, and you’ll get a similar luxury feel provided by a larger mattress without spending a hefty sum of money; the mattress will also take up less space in your bedroom.

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FAQs About Twin mattresses

Is a Twin length the same length as a King Size?

A Lot of people get this one confused. A Twin Size Mattress is Shorter than a King Size and Queen Size Mattress By 5".

Do 2 Twin Size Mattresses Make a KIng?

Nope, Two Twin Size Mattresses do not make a king due to the length.


2. Twin XL Size Bed and Mattress Dimensions 38"W x 80"L

The Twin XL mattress dimensions are 38” W and 80” L. The width is similar to the twin size, but the twin XL is 5” longer, which means it is suitable for tall adults that don’t have space for a wider bed. Since not all comforters or sheets usually come in Twin XL, it is important to double-check and understand the differences when shopping for bedding.

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FAQs about Twin Long Mattresses

What is the difference between a twin and a twin XL mattress?

The only difference between a twin and twin XL mattress is the length of the mattress. The twin XL is 80 inches in length, which is the same length as a queen size mattress, whereas the twin is 75 inches in length, which is the same length as a full size mattress.

Can you Make a King Size Mattress with Two Twin Long Mattresses?

Yes, Two Twin long Mattresses will make one King Mattress.

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3. Full-Size Bed and Mattress Dimensions  54"W x 75"L

The dimensions of the Full-size mattress are 54” W x 75” L; this mattress size is also commonly referred to as the “standard double.” If you’re a single active sleeper and you usually sprawl out, or you’re a couple with a small bedroom, the full-size mattress is a suitable choice. A double or full-size mattress can be tight for a couple sharing a bed with pets or children.

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FAQs About Full Size Mattresses

Is a Full Size Mattress the Same as a Double?

Yes! As the two names are both still fairly popular, mattress companies often use them interchangeably. Up until the 1940s, the two most popular mattress sizes were twin- or double-sized mattresses. A Full Size mattress and a Double is the same. However, If you are buying an Antique bed frame its always good to check the actual measurements.

Is a Full Size mattress bigger or smaller than queen size?

A full size or double mattress is smaller than a Queen Mattress.

When purchasing a full-size mattress, there are some things you should consider with the following specifications in mind:

  • For partners, each person will have a sleeping space of 27”, which is 11” than the Twin size mattress
  • For a single sleeper, you’ll have a sleeping space of 54”

• If you’re 6” tall, you’ll only have 3” extra space when fully extended on the mattress

4. Queen Size Bed and Mattress Dimensions 60"W x 80"L

The dimensions of the queen-size mattress are 60” W x 80” L. The queen-size mattress is quite common in the U.S. and is comfortable for couples, active sleepers, and people who share a bed with pets or children. To fit a queen-size mattress comfortably, your bedroom's dimensions should be at least 10” L x 10” W.

What is the Difference between a Queen Size Mattress and Olympic Queen Mattress? 

Most of our Mattresses at Mattress Xperts can Be ordered as an Olympic Queen size Mattress. This would be a Special order, as we do not carry this in stock. Visit Mattress Xperts to see which mattress would be right for you. 

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FAQs Queen Size Mattress

What is an Olympic Queen Mattress?

An Olympic Queen mattress typically has dimensions of 66 inches by 80 inches. Although it is not as commonly available as standard sizes, this specific size can still be ordered from some manufacturers as a custom option.

Can a Couple sleep comfortable on a Queen Size mattress?

Consider your body size when looking at couple sleeping on a queen size mattress. Most couples benefit greatly from a king size mattress due to width.

5. King Size Bed and Mattress Dimensions 76"W x 80"L

The dimensions of this mattress are 76” W x 80” L. The mattress is comfortable for couples and single active sleepers. The king size will suffice if you’re a couple with kids and pets and you usually share a bed. For the king size to fit nicely into your bedroom, the dimensions must be at least 12” w X 12” W.

For the sake of comparison, the king-size mattress and the Twin XL mattress are of similar size. If you share a bed with your partner, but your sleeping preferences differ, a Split King would be a good option since it enables every side of your bed to have a distinctively different feel. The Split King mattress is also suitable for sleepers contemplating acquiring adjustable bed frames.

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FAQs King Size Mattress

Are King Size MATTRESS more comfortable?

On average a King Size Bed is more comfortable for Co-Sleepers and Partner Sleepers. It gives you more room than a Typical double, or queen mattress.

Before you purchase a King size mattress, you should consider these specifications:

  • For partners, each person will have a sleeping space of 38” (a width similar to that of a Twin size mattress)
  • For a single sleeper, you’ll have a sleeping space of 76”

•If you’re 6”, you’ll have 8” extra space when you’re fully extended on the mattress

7. California King Mattress and Bed Dimensions 72” W x 84”

The dimensions of this mattress are 72” W x 84” L. It is suitable for tall sleepers or people who need a mattress with extra length. If you’re an active sleeper, you’ll like the California King Size mattress since it is extremely spacious, so couples can comfortably share a bed with their kids and pets. While it is 4” longer, it is narrower than the standard King size mattress. To comfortably fit this mattress into your bedroom, it should be at least 12” L x 12” W.

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Is a California King Mattress Bigger than a Standard King Mattress?

A California King Mattress is built for those who are Taller than normal. Football and Basketball athletes typically purchase a California King due to the Extended length. However, it is more narrower than a Standard King Mattress.

Can Standard King Bed Frames work with California King Beds?

Generally, a California King Mattress will not fit a Standard King Bed Frame.

Before you Purchase a California King Mattress Some things to consider

The specifications of this mattress mean that:

  • Each partner will have a sleeping space of 36”
  • Single sleepers will have a sleeping space of 72”
  • If you’re 6”, when the mattress is fully extended, you’ll have an extra space of 12”

The Split King Mattress Dimensions  38” W x 80” L (x2)

The Split King Size mattress has two-sized mattresses, and they’re both identical. Each mattress has similar dimensions- 38” W x 80” L. The dimensions are similar to a King size mattress. The sleepers that mainly benefit from the Split King bed usually have varying sleeping preferences compared to their partners. The split mattress usually allows a sleeper to have a mattress that’s right for them individually, and they won’t sacrifice their partner's sleep.Split King beds are usually joined at the mattress’s bottom half and split at the top; this style is suitable for sleepers that don’t have varying sleeping preferences since the interior part of the mattress is similar throughout. Some couples usually choose a flippable mattress since it can offer different firmness on every side.

FAQs About Split King Mattresses

Are there special sheets for split king beds?

Yes you will need a split king adjustable sheet set. The set consists of 2 fitted sheets and one flat sheet. We highly recommend the Dream Sheet Split Collection - HERE

Is it hard for couples to "snuggle" on a split king mattress?

Yes, it is. Honestly speaking if you and your spouse still "snuggle" you will need to consider the Split down the middle.

Things to consider when Purchasing a Split King mattress

The number one thing to consider when purchasing split king beds is the fact that while your partner may like a 10" inch mattress you may like a 12" mattress. Leaving a 2" gap in the center .

  • If you are purchasing adjustable bases you can find bases that have adjustable height legs.
  • You will need to make the bed with 2 fitted sheets instead of one.

Factors to Consider for Mattress Sizes

1) Sleeper Specifications

First, if you share a bed with your partner, you need to consider how much sleeping space you need to ensure you’re both comfortable. Factor in your weight, height, and sleep habits. For instance, do you roll around as you sleep, or you’re normally stationary? Do you usually spread yourself out, or do you sleep straight?
If you need assistance visualizing the mattress size you need, refer to the following:

  • Although a full mattress can fit two people, for couples, the queen-size mattress is highly recommended
  • If possible, purchase a mattress that is 6 inches longer, depending on your height
  • What are your personal bedroom habits other than sleeping? Do you watch TV or read in bed? If you usually lounge while in bed, you should consider getting a bigger bed.

2) Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a mattress? Depending on your budget, you can easily narrow down the available options. For instance, the queen size is advisable for couples. The King size is also highly recommended for couples. However, the King size will cost more than the Queen size. In such an instance, a couple that doesn’t have a flexible budget can settle on the Queen size mattress since it will meet their needs.

3) Consider the Size of Your Room

The bed is a focal point of the bedroom; however, you still need space for other items such as nightstands, a dresser, a desk, a TV stand, clothes rack, a vanity set, or other pieces of furniture in the room. Also, you need enough space in the bedroom to walk freely.
To avoid a claustrophobic or cluttered feel, you should leave at least 30 inches of clearance on every side of the bed except the head since it is supposed to sit against the wall. If your bedroom has enough space to accommodate this clearance, your bed, and other pieces of furniture, you can go ahead and check the ideal minimum dimensions for every mattress size.

4) Your Body Size

When choosing a mattress, you should consider your height. A twin mattress usually is 75 inches long, whereas a Twin XL mattress is normally 80 inches long. If you’re over 6 feet tall, the twin mattress won’t meet your needs. Instead, you can choose the Twin XL mattress if you’re 6 feet and 2 inches tall. The Queen size and King size mattresses are also recommended for people who are 6 feet and 7 inches tall. If you’re above 7 feet tall, go for the California King-size mattress.
For those who need more space, the queen, full, and king-size bed will offer unmatched comfort levels.

Final Thoughts on Shopping for a Mattress

When you consider each of these factors, you can easily pick the right mattress size depending on the size of your bedroom and your physique in terms of height and weight. After selecting a mattress size, you can move to the next step, selecting a mattress type. The shopping guide above has looked into the specifications of specific mattress sizes, which means you can choose a size that suits you depending on whether you are a couple with pets and kids or live alone.