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Mistakes of Buying a mattress - Mattress Xperts

Mistakes of Buying a mattress

Mistakes of Buying a Mattress Online

Believe it or not, buying a mattress from a reputable company in your area isn't as bad as some people make it seem especially when you are dealing with Mattress Experts who have trained by bedding industries professionals who have studied the human bodies, sleep patterns and educate you the customer on how to fall asleep and stay asleep longer for a restful nights sleep and happier brighter days ahead. Here at Mattress Xperts we don't want to boast or anything but we do have some amazing online reviews on both Google and Yelp rated 4.8 Stars out of 5 with 60 or more reviews. 

Buying a mattress online for yourself and a loved one sharing the bed is a bad idea. Many of the mattresses being sold online look amazing, have multi million dollar ad campaigns, and online resources to "clean up" any unwanted negative reviews but when it comes to a comfortable nights sleep wouldn't you rather invest some time into choosing a mattress that works for you and your partner? It's true that it can be cheaper to purchase a mattress online, but there are some serious drawbacks to buying a mattress from an online retailer. I'm here to tell you all about them so you don't make the same mistakes many of our customers have made.

Life is too short to sleep on a mattress that makes you miserable.

Online Warranties- Worthless 

So you get the mattress home sleep on it for about a year then all of a sudden the mattress loses its density or firmness and starts sinking in the middle. Your bottom is sinking like the Titanic and your shoulders and head seem to be the only part of your body that is wearing a life jacket. You start to feel pain in your lower back and hips. You contact the online mattress manufacture because you have that amazing 10 year manufacture warranty only to find out that you may have voided your warranty by not using the proper box spring, or frame. Most of the time they will ask for pictures of your frame, pictures of the indentation which may OR MAY NOT be visible until you lay on the mattress. They will send someone out to your house to do an inspection you may lose a 1/2 day of work for the warranty inspector to take some measurements only to have the "claims" department to deny your claim. We have seen this at Mattress Xperts over and over again. We have heard nightmares stories of people jumping through hoops only to get so frustrated they do what they should have done in the first place and invested a little time in a store to get a better handle on what a brick and mortar store will offer as opposed to a quick online purchase. At Mattress Xperts we walk you through the process for each manufacture, we help you to file your warranty claim and for just a $75.00 redelivery fee we will haul away your warranty mattress and set up your new one. Now, doesn't that seem like a better way to take care of your customers? We Do.  

You can't pick your mattress up yourself.

You can't pick your mattress up yourself.

The first big mistake comes when you realize that the only way to buy a mattress online is through companies that deliver them for you. If you choose this route, there will be no chance of testing out the bed before purchase and deciding if it's right for you. Your only option is to trust the company's return policy: If it doesn't work out, they'll come and take away your old mattress free of charge (but they won't just give it back).

You won't know which sleep position is best for you.

Another potential pitfall of buying an innerspring or foam mattress online is that most companies don't offer enough information about their products' firmness ratings or whether they're suitable for couples with different sleep preferences like side/back or stomach/side. Without knowing how firm or soft each model is, how are you supposed to find one that suits both partners? And even if two people could agree on sleeping positions, there's always a chance that one person ends up lying somewhere else during the night—and then what do they do?

You have to rely on the company's return policy.

If you're buying a mattress online and anything goes wrong, you have to rely on the company's return policy. There are two problems with this:

  • The return policy doesn't always cover the full cost of the mattress. Sometimes it covers only a small portion of what you paid for your bed, so it's not enough to get another one shipped out to you without having to pay more than half again as much out-of-pocket. In other words, your money might be gone forever!

  • The return policy may not cover shipping costs or restocking fees or any damages that occurred during delivery (and there are plenty). This is especially true when ordering mattresses in bulk quantities (such as 10 or 20 at once) because then they're considered specialty items by most retailers and thus cannot be returned unless damaged beyond repair—which is possible even if they arrive in perfect condition due to shipping issues like bad weather conditions delaying deliveries across entire continents causing delays in transit times from days into weeks instead of hours into days which can cause packages with no immediate access available inside them being dropped onto concrete sidewalks directly from high places like apartment buildings' balconies before being set down next door where other people live who haven't even heard about what happened until later when someone mentions seeing evidence of something happening earlier today when asked about whether anyone had noticed any unusual activity around town today while sitting around chatting casually over drinks together after work hours finished up earlier than usual thanks to some unforeseen circumstances coming up unexpectedly last minute leaving them unexpectedly free tonight rather than tomorrow morning instead

You may end up paying more than you would at a store.

The first thing to consider when buying a mattress is the price. Sure, you can get some great deals online. But there are also plenty of examples where the savings aren't worth it. For instance, one way that online retailers make money is by getting you to pay for things like delivery and returns—which may be extra at many local mattress stores too—or other costs associated with shipping such as taxes or fees associated with moving heavy items around the country.

And even if you do find an amazing deal on an item while shopping in your pajamas from the comfort of your couch (or bed), it might not work out so well when you have to lug it into your car and try to get it up those stairs into your apartment/house/condo!

You won't know which sleep position is best for you.

  • You won’t know which sleep position is best for you.

Many people assume they sleep on their sides, when they actually might be better off in a different position (like lying on their back). Without the support of a mattress that reflects your needs, you may wake up with aches and pains in places where pressure was put on your body during the night—even if you were sleeping soundly!

  • It's hard to find mattresses with different firmness levels within each layer.

If you prefer a softer bottom layer but firmer top layer, then there's no way to customize it with an online purchase. Luckily, many modern mattresses come equipped with multiple layers that can be easily adjusted using buttons or dials located near the headboard.

The hassle of getting rid of your old mattress is all yours.

You should know that when you buy a mattress online, you are entirely responsible for the disposal of your previous mattress. You can’t just leave it on the curb and call it a day; no, if you want to make sure that this material doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere, you have to find an environmentally responsible way to get rid of it.

And guess what? It might not be cheap. Some cities charge by weight for recycling mattresses—so if yours is still heavy with foam and springs after being used for years as your bed frame (or just died one night), then good luck finding a place that will take it off your hands at no extra cost.

It's not a purchase you want to haggle on.

  • You don't know how it will feel after a few months. Most online mattresses are made with inferior foams and or bendable thin coils even in our store we have issues with similar inferior products that we keep in our store to meet our customers online demands. 99% of the time they do come back to our store during the comfort guarantee and upgrade their mattress to something of quality. 

  • You can't see how it looks in your room (and this is important, as we'll discuss below).

  • You can't try out a variety of mattresses if you're going to be making a big purchase online.

If you buy a mattress online, you're in for some annoying moments.

Buying a mattress online is a gamble. You can't test it out, you don't know how it will fit in your home, and if you do order one, you'll have to wait several weeks for delivery. It might even cost more than a store-bought mattress in the long run, not to mention the hassles that come with it. A Mattress in a box is well over 100lbs for a queen size mattress. So, you better start hitting the gym and building up those biceps. 

You should never buy something as personal as a bed without first checking out the options in person at the store or at least trying them out on display there before buying.


If you're planning to buy a mattress online, there are some things you should consider. You might end up paying more than what you would if you bought it at a store, and you'll have to deal with the hassle of getting rid of your old one. Also, it's not the sort of purchase where haggling is appropriate so make sure that your budget is set before beginning your search.

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