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Who is Responsible for a Mattress Warranty? - Mattress Xperts

Who is Responsible for a Mattress Warranty?


Recently, we had a customer who left us a really unfair review on Yelp due to her warrantied mattress that she purchased from us in 2014 which was (now 8 years old). We worked diligently to process her warranty claim with the manufacturer however when the manufacturer did not send out the exact model she originally purchased she was rightfully angry with the manufacturer but took her complaint online to Mattress Xperts because she felt that we "scammed" her in some way. Retailers can only do so much when it comes to processing warranty claims on behalf of our customers. We are simply the middlemen and truly only want to offer great customer service. 

With that said,  I felt compelled to write this blog to make sure that our future customers understand what a retailer can and can not do when offering our support team to warranty mattresses and most of the time customer complaints of a manufacturer are out of our control. 


When it comes to warranties on mattresses, it's important to understand that the responsibility for the warranty falls on the manufacturer, not the retailer. This means that if you're having issues with your mattress the manufacturer will need to be made aware of the issue you are having. Mattress Xperts offers its services to help file your claim with the manufacturers but it is the sole discretion of the manufacturer to approve the warranty item. Mattress Xperts can not approve or disapprove any warranties. We do not offer any guarantees to a manufactures item to do so would suggest that we are owned by the manufacturers or owned in part by the manufacturers. We are a family-owned business so that would not be the case here. 


It is also important to note that product lines change from year to year and sometimes manufacturers are bought and sold by other manufacturers, foams change, coils change, and manufacturers are unable to manufacture your originally purchased product due to products being unavailable so, you may end up getting an entirely different product than the one you originally purchased. If you’re expecting an exact replica of your old mattress, especially if it was manufactured 8 years ago, you may be disappointed - but it’s still better than not having a warranty at all. In general, though, most warranties will cover manufacturing defects - such as a faulty coil or shifting foam. However, most will not cover normal wear and tear. Most warranties guarantee faulty manufacture defects up to 10 years. Some manufacturers will offer to replace the item which is called a total replacement warranty or they will offer to fix the item that is faulty. 


An example of the relationship between a retailer and a manufacturer is Best Buy and Samsung. If you were to purchase a Samsung Television from Best Buy and the Samsung TV had a warranty issue the retailer (Best Buy) would have you contact (Samsung) the manufacturer to process a warranty claim through their claims department. That is the same with Mattress Xperts and its product manufacturers we are only here to offer our support and staff to make sure your paperwork is processed correctly, deliver your new mattress or product and send that product back to the manufacturer. We offer a service to assist in your warranty process and 99.89% of our customers are very happy we offer this service so they don't have to do it themselves. 


Another, good reminder when you're buying a mattress, is to purchase from a licensed retailer of the product you are seeking to purchase. Most National brands offer a way to see if a retailer is licensed by performing a simple search for the retailer on their retailer locater on the manufacturer's website. Some stores do sell used merchandise even clearance centers are known to sell used products so be sure to know what you are getting when you buy. Most national brands will not warranty an item that is purchased by a used retailer or a clearance center. Floor models sold "as is" will also not come with a warranty so be sure you know what you are buying when you buy it. 





When you purchase your new mattress be sure to get a foundation that works with your mattress. If you were to get a new mattress and use an old outdated foundation that is broken your warranty will be voided if something were to happen to the mattress. When you process a warranty claim the manufacturer will ask for the foundation law tag if it is found that you are using an old foundation or a foundation that is improper for your mattress you will void the entire warranty. Just to be sure your mattress warranty is not void due to improper foundation so get the foundation that works best for your mattress.  


Like a great pair of shoes and soles that contour around your feet a mattress will tend to do the same if you sleep time and time again in the same area. The mattress like a great pair of shoes will start to conform to your body over time.  No need to worry this is normal we ask that our customers for the first year of owning your new mattress rotate the mattress from head to toe every other month so that the mattress will get the same amount of wear on each side of the mattress. We do offer a rotation service at Mattress Xperts for $79.00 our delivery guys will come out and rotate it for you. Body impressions are not covered under the manufacturer's defect warranty. Generally up to a 3" indent in the mattress is required for a mattress warranty. Most of the time that signals a coil has ruptured. 


Due to OSHA regulations and standards, we are unable to transport a stained mattress therefore a stained mattress will void your warranty. 


The quick answer is No. You do not get a lifetime manufacturer warranty on your mattress, so when you decide to replace your mattress with a warranty please understand that you will only get one replacement. 

When you purchase a mattress you will get a warranty however knowing who is responsible for your warranty and what is covered under your warranty will help you when processing your warranty claim. We hope that this blog post helps you to better understand that retailers are just the middlemen and should not be held responsible. We can help process a claim but we do not have the ability to control other businesses. 


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