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Mattress Cleaning Mistakes - Mattress Xperts

Mattress Cleaning Mistakes

Are you cleaning your mattress the right way or the wrong way? 

Cleaning your mattress is not difficult but can be time consuming but also very much worth the time if you clean your mattress correctly. The reason for writing this blog is that I see many videos online and on social media that are using some ingredients that could be harmful to you, your children and your pets.  Keep reading if you want to know how to clean your mattress the Xperts way. 

Reasons to clean your mattress  

Many people are not aware of the need to clean their mattress they have a misconception that if a mattress protector or a sheet is always on their mattress then they have a clean mattress with no need to clean it. This could be the reason why you wake up with swollen puffy eyes in the morning or an itchy throat due to the amount of dust, dead skin cells and yes.. mites which live in and on pretty much anything organic. Dust mites are one of the top reasons why people have  allergic reactions. Dust-mites live and thrive in dust. How often do you sweep or mop under your mattress? Most people do it during spring cleaning and winter cleaning and when you do you know just how much dust can accumulate under your bed but did you know what that "DUST" is? Dust is not just some word for dirt, dirt is something that comes from the ground used to you know plant trees grow grass, put in pretty flower pots but dust is totally different.

Can dust and dust-mites be harmful to your health 

Great Question. Is dust really that harmful? According to the NIH in a published StatPearls release which you can read here  the NIH reports the reason and cause of dust mite allergic reaction which is a enzyme that's found in the dust mites fecal matter which according to the NIH they release an enormous amount of during their life cycle. Dust contains 80% dust mite and fecal matter and causes severe respiratory issues, dermatitis, eczema and more. So the answer to the question is, yes dust mites can be harmful to your health. 

                          picture of dust mites that cause breathing issues

Tips on how to clean dust mites for a healthy home

As  I mentioned above dust mites are everywhere. They are in your hair, they are on your curtains, they live in your clothes, they live on the shower curtain hanging in your bathroom. There is no way to get rid of dust mites however to have a healthy home it is very helpful for you to have a cleaning routine which includes cleaning your mattress. Mattresses are very porous material in which dead skin that these mites feed off of live, breed, defacate and die leaving their poison behind in the dust particles found inside your mattresses fabric, foam, foundations, headboards and under your bed. Having a well defined cleaning routine will better help you to live a healthier life and that includes cleaning your mattress correctly and listen to a Mattress Expert not a Tick-tok or Instagram social media expert. 

What Not to Clean your mattress with : from a Mattress eXpert

When you think about it, cleaning your mattress makes sense. What is the one area of your house that you use for a solid 8 hours straight? Your mattress. Many sleepers tend to sleep in little to no clothing sandwiched between a sheet, the bed and a blanket. Dust mites love the dead skin you feed them at night while you sleep. So before I tell you the right way to clean your mattress let me tell you the wrong ways. The #1 thing on my list is something that drives me crazy because although this product is natural it is also a mineral in which when it is inhaled could cause harm to your lungs and throat. I myself love reading blogs one of my favorite blogs is The Spruce. A blog where she speaks about keeping a good clean healthy and beautiful home. However, I think I am going to have to disagree on what she cleans her mattresses with which you can read here. 

Do not clean your mattress with Baking Soda 

Although baking soda is natural used for centuries for heart burn, cooking, upset stomach, washing clothes and more. Banking soda should never be used on a mattress. Many people are unaware of the health complications you can have if you inhale it. People who have breathing problems like COPD, Congestive Heart Failure or asthma should defiantly not use baking soda to clean their mattress. Inhaling baking soda nightly could cause your lungs to become irritated so when you make a plan for cleaning your house do not use baking soda because no matter what type of vacuum you have after dumping a box onto your mattress you will never be able to get your mattress clean from the white powdery substance. 

How to Clean you Mattress Like a Mattress Expert

When you clean your mattress it would probably be a good idea to wash your curtains, clean your ceiling fan, launder your rugs and clean out from under your bed and clean out that closet all at the same time to make assure your bedrooms air stays healthy to breathe. When you follow the steps below to clean your mattress you will notice a better nights sleep and keeping a good cleaning schedule of at least every two months will assure your breathing and sleeping every night waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

1. After removing the sheets, mattress protector, pillows use a powerful vacuum cleaner that has a bristle attachment start at the top of the mattress and vacuum head to toe in rows making at least two passes. After vacuuming the top move to the sides of the mattress then to the foundations.  Leave your vacuum out you will need it for the final steps. This will suck up any hair, dust and mites. 

2. In a spray bottle that has a hard stream mix 10 drops of rosemary oil or tea tree oil in a bottle, then add half a bottle of rubbing alcohol and top it off with WARM water. Shake and spray your mattress be sure to get around the lacing of the side of the mattress be sure to ventilate your room well using a fan and open windows and let sit for at least 10 minutes before moving to the next step.  This will help kill any mite eggs that may not have been sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. 

3. Invest in a great (not good) steamer. Most steamers only reach 105 degrees which is not hot enough to kill mites. You will need a steamer that reaches at 130 degrees to kill dust mites. The best steamer to kill dust mites that I have found is the Costway steamer $139.00 on Amazon which reaches 226 degrees in 7 minutes.I use this thing to clean all furniture, rugs too. When you steam your mattress be sure not to put directly on the mattress, steam the sides of the mattress as well. Let Air Dry. 

4. While your mattress is drying use your spray that you made to mop under your bed clean around your end tables, lamps and other items that would not be damaged by the alcohol. 

5. After your mattress has fully air dried. Run you vacuum over your mattress again to lift all the dead dust mites from your mattress. 

Be sure to wash your sheets weekly, steam your pillows if they are unable to be washed, use a mattress protector. 

I do hope that you enjoyed reading Mattress Xperts blog on how to clean your mattress the right way. If you are an asthmatic or someone with reoccurring respiratory issues clean your mattress at least once a month and do grab a steamer that will get up to 130 degrees. The Costway steamer  is the most affordable that I have actually loved cleaning with. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here at Mattress Xperts or contact your doctor if you think dust mites might be the cause of concern in your health. 


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