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Best Mattresses for Back Pain - Mattress Xperts

Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Best mattress for back sleepers

When it comes to sleep, how your body sleeps can affect how you feel during the day. A mattress unsuitable for your sleeping style can lead to a terrible night's sleep and unproductive mornings. Some of us are lucky enough to sleep on their sides, while others have different sleeping positions. For instance, a back sleeper has a unique sleeping position compared to other types of sleepers. A back sleeper has a sloping curve where the lower body rests on the bed, and the upper body sits over the top of the mattress. It changes how you use your mattress as it compresses your spine when sleeping. Finding the best Mattress for back sleepers enables you to sleep in the same position that fits best. Most mattresses have either a firm or softer side. If you are a back sleeper, you should opt for one side that compresses your spine more.

For those that sleep on their backs, Mattress Xperts carries many different mattress brands and types of mattress with varying firmness levels and materials. The main varieties are memory foam, spring mattresses, and latex foam. For many back sleepers, memory foam offers one of the best night’s sleeps as it molds to your posture and creates a memory shape that will make you feel more rested in the morning. Memory foam mattresses can be more expensive than traditional spring mattresses, but they are usually worth it. Latex foam mattresses are a good choice for lower-budget buyers, and spring mattresses have existed for many years. 

In this article we explore some of the best mattress options for back sleepers. If you have specific questions about your sleep style and the best mattress for the best night’s sleep, contact Mattress Xperts today and speak with a mattress consultant!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress for Back Sleepers

1. Firmness level

The most important thing to consider when choosing a mattress for back sleepers is the firmness level of the Mattress. You want to ensure you get as much support as possible for your spine, so you need approval from a mattress that provides enough firmness to keep your spine in place. A softer mattress will not give you the support required if you are a back sleeper, so getting the right firmness level is essential. At Mattress Xperts, we offer beds with the correct firmness levels of four-six. It is important to remember that your weight can affect your firmness level. Some people are heavier than others, so choosing a product that can adapt to all kinds of consequences is best.

2. Support

Since you will sleep on your back, you need a mattress that supports your body. A bed with good support can give your spine a chance to rest and to allow it to be in the proper position. It will also reduce back pain, keeping your spine aligned so that you can get a good night's sleep. A person who weighs about 200 pounds is going to need more vital support. However, different mattresses offer different kinds of support for additional weights.

3. Pressure relief

Back sleepers need mattresses that relieve pressure points by giving you enough support and preventing sinking in the middle. A bed that keeps your spine aligned and gives your body all the support it needs is ideal for back sleepers. Also, a mattress with good airflow will help to reduce pressure points. At Mattress Xperts, let us help you find a mattress specially designed to relieve pressure points using different materials that helps keep you cool while sleeping. Pressure points are a common problem for back sleepers, so choosing a mattress that relieves these issues is essential.

4. Spine alignment

When choosing a mattress to use as a bed, taking care of your spine is essential. Your body will rest in the correct position when your spine is aligned. A mattress with the right firmness level and enough support will align your spine at night and make you more comfortable. Best Mattress for back sleepers comes with different materials to help improve spinal alignments, such as latex foam, memory foam, and spring mattresses. Memory foam is the best material because it molds to the shape of your spine as you sleep.

5. Motion isolation

When sleeping, you should have the opportunity to have some minimal feeling of motion. A material that absorbs motion will keep your spine aligned and reduce any movement in the middle. Rubber and latex foam is used in many mattresses, often called "motion isolators ."Since these materials do not bounce back or shift in any direction, they will absorb all the movements made by your body.

Types of Mattresses for Back Sleepers

1. Innerspring mattresses

An Innerspring mattress is made with metal coils that help to keep your spine aligned and comfortable. The metal coils are attached to a base layer of firm support foam. Both side sleepers and back sleepers can use these mattresses. Still, they are preferred by side sleepers because they have better support and broader surface area that can fit their curves. A back sleeper may feel squeezed when lying on an innerspring mattress. At Mattress Xperts, let us help you find an innerspring mattress to ensure you get the support you need.

2. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are designed to give you maximum comfort due to their soft material that can easily adjust your posture. They can recover their shape when the weight of your body is removed from them. This product has become a popular choice for back sleepers because of how comfortable they can be. A memory foam mattress has the property to adjust its shape towards your back so that you can have more pressure relief and better support. If you are a back sleeper, it's best to try out foam mattresses, as this material is made for maximizing comfort. Memory foam is also suitable for reducing pressure points and providing spine alignment. At Mattress Xperts, we have memory foam models that offer a wide surface area, pressure relief, and spinal alignment.

3. Latex mattresses

Latex foam is made from the sap of rubber trees. The material is more expensive than foam but has more bounciness, elasticity, and cooling properties. Latex mattresses may also be known as "allergy-free" or "natural" Mattresses. Latex mattresses can help to reduce pressure points, and they are also capable of helping you get a night of better sleep at night. It can also adjust to your body because of its flexibility.

4. Hybrid mattresses

A Hybrid Mattress is a blend between memory foam and latex mattresses. The fabric is made of latex but filled with memory foam. It is a hybrid prepared to give you both the hugging feeling of a latex mattress and the pressure relief of a memory foam mattress. Hybrid mattresses have similar properties to standard memory foam mattresses. Still, they can adjust to your body and conform to your shape. This means you will not feel any pressure points on your back while using this type of Mattress.

Top Mattresses for Back Sleepers

1. Innerspring (Coil) mattresses

Innerspring mattresses, or coil mattresses, are great for back sleepers because of how supportive they are. They come in different firmness levels and have a wide surface area, allowing you to rest comfortably and get good airflow. Innerspring mattresses are designed to mold themselves to the shape of your spine so that you can have the proper support and alignment during the night.

Features of Innerspring mattresses

  1. Thickness: The thickness of the Mattress can determine how soft and firm the Mattress will be. You can choose an 8-inch or 10-inch Mattress, depending on your preference.

  1. Price: If you are on a budget, it is best to choose a mattress between $500 and $800.

  1. Motion isolation: The Mattress should be able to absorb motion to maintain the proper spinal alignment.

  1. Firmness: This will determine how contoured your spine will be at night's end.

Benefits of Innerspring mattresses

  1. Support: It is normal to feel some pressure points when you lie down on a mattress. Innerspring mattresses are designed to give proper spinal alignment and support your

spine when you sleep. You will not feel any pressure on your hips, shoulders, or neck.

  1. Durability: The coils are made of steel and spaced out in different sizes. A constant flow of air through the Mattress can help keep the cold from penetrating your body during the night.

  1. Comfort: These mattresses will mold your shape as you sleep and will not bounce back like lying down on other mattresses.

  1. Breathing ability: The Mattress has excellent ventilation because of its design and materials. This means that it is great for those who have allergies or asthma.

Pros and Cons of Innerspring mattresses


  • They are durable because they are made with steel coils that are spaced out.
  • The Mattress is firm enough to support your body while you sleep.


  • They are heavier than other types of mattresses, so they may be harder to move and transport to another location.
  • The Mattress may also feel too firm at first, but it should conform to your body once you relax.

2. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is one of the most popular materials used in mattresses. This material has the capacity to mold to your shape, and it is excellent for eliminating pressure points during the night. You can use latex for better support and spinal alignment. Memory foam mattresses are also designed for sleepers who want deep comfort and pressure relief.

Features of Memory Foam Mattresses

  1. Firmness: The density of the foam will determine how contoured your spine will be at the end of the night.

  1. Quality: You can choose memory foams with CertiPUR-US certification to ensure they have no harmful chemicals, odors, or VOC emissions.

  1. Motion isolation: The Mattress should be able to absorb motion so it will not disturb your partner at night.

  1. Price: The price of a memory foam mattress can vary, depending on the thickness of the Mattress and its size. A queen-size memory foam mattress can be more expensive than other mattresses.

Benefits of Memory Foam mattresses

  1. Breathing Ability: Memory foam mattresses have excellent ventilation properties because they are made with high-quality materials, such as latex and gel. This means the Mattress has great ventilating qualities and will keep you cool during the night.

  1. Pressure relief: The Mattress will conform to your shape and be contoured to your body. It can also relieve pressure on the ligaments at the back of your spine.

  1. Durability: The foam can last for years, so you do not have to worry about replacing the Mattress often.

  1. Contour: The Mattress will mold itself to your body so that you can get better spinal alignment and support.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam mattresses


  • It gives excellent pressure relief and contours to your body.
  • It also feels sturdy and won't lose its shape over time.


  • The Mattress may be too firm because the foam is dense and thick.
  • There may also be unwanted movement and motion transfer at night.

3. Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made with natural latex from natural rubber trees. It is a strong material that provides pressure relief and support. The latex used in the Mattress will be molded to your body, contour your shape, and provide pressure relief.

Features of latex mattresses

  1. Thickness: You can choose a mattress between 4 inches and 6 inches thick based on the support you seek. A 6-inch thick mattress can give you better spinal alignment than a 4-inch thick mattress.

  1. Motion isolation: The Mattress should be able to absorb motion to maintain the proper spinal alignment.

  1. Price: You can choose to have a latex mattress that is more affordable than others.

Benefits of latex mattresses

  1. Durability: The latex and natural materials used in the manufacture of the Mattress will ensure good durability, and it will last for years. You will not have to replace it often throughout its lifetime because it will hold up for a long time.

  1. Support: The Mattress has excellent support and will conform to your body as you sleep for better spinal alignment. It also has thickness and pockets, providing you with the right amount of support.

  1. Breathing Ability: The Mattress has excellent ventilation because of its design and materials. This means that it is great for those who have allergies or asthma.

Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses


  • The Mattress has excellent support and firmness.
  • It is breathable and will keep your body cool at night.


  • It is pricier than most types of mattresses.
  • You may have to wait several weeks or months before getting your latex mattress because they are made to order.

4. Pillowtop Mattresses

Pillowtop mattresses are a popular choice among back sleepers due to their extra cushioning and support. These mattresses have a layer of soft material sewn onto the top of the mattress, creating a "pillow" effect that can help alleviate pressure points and promote better spinal alignment. Pillowtop mattresses are especially beneficial for back sleepers, as they can provide added support to the lower back, which is an area that can be prone to discomfort for some people. When shopping for a pillowtop mattress, back sleepers should consider factors such as firmness level, material quality, and price to ensure they find a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive for their individual needs.

Benefits of pillowtop mattresses

Extra cushioning: The additional layer of soft material on top of the mattress provides extra cushioning, which can help alleviate pressure points and promote better sleep comfort. 

Improved spinal alignment: Pillowtop mattresses can help promote better spinal alignment by conforming to the body's curves and providing support where needed. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from back pain or other spinal conditions. 

Enhanced support: Depending on the type of pillowtop mattress, the added cushioning can also provide additional support to the body, particularly to the hips and shoulders, which can be prone to discomfort for some people. 

Variety of materials: Pillowtop mattresses are available in a variety of materials, such as memory foam, latex, and even down feathers, which allows for a wide range of options to choose from based on personal preferences. 

Longer lifespan: Pillowtop mattresses tend to have a longer lifespan than other types of mattresses due to their added cushioning and support, which can help prevent sagging and other signs of wear and tear over time.

Pros and Cons of Pillowtop Mattresses


  • Comfort: Pillowtop mattresses provide extra cushioning and a softer sleeping surface, which can be very comfortable for many people, especially those who sleep on their side. 
  • Pain relief: The added cushioning of a pillowtop mattress can help alleviate pressure points and provide better support, which can help reduce pain and discomfort in areas such as the lower back and hips.


  • Durability: Pillowtop mattresses may not be as durable as other types of mattresses, as the added cushioning can compress and wear down over time, leading to sagging and reduced support. 
  • Cost: Pillowtop mattresses are generally more expensive than other types of mattresses due to their added features and materials. This can make them a less affordable option for some consumers.

Finding the right Mattress will depend on your needs and preferences. Choose a mattress matching your sleeping style to give you better spinal alignment. Back sleepers need a mattress that can give them better back support and protect their spine. These mattresses will also give you the right amount of firmness and comfort so you can sleep all night without waking up because of pain, stiffness, or numbness.

Bonus note!! Mattress Xperts recommends that the best Mattress for back sleepers have a 1.5-inch to 2-inch layer of latex over a 3/4-inch to 1-inch layer of memory foam. A standard pillow is thin, filling at least two or three inches. A standard pillow is supposed to be harder and thicker than other kinds of pillows.             

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