Sealy Conform Memory Foam

Sealy Conform is our Best Selling Affordable memory foam line today. Sealy Conform is the only TOP to BOTTOM infused cooling memory foam with SEALY CHILL FOAM material which was designed and patented to keep you cooler.  While most gel memory foam mattresses only add a small layer of cool gel memory foam to the top of the mattress. Sealy Conform adds coolness from top to bottom layers to assure the coolness and effectiveness of the mattress stays cool in the South Florida nights.  Sealy Conform gel infused memory foam mattresses are designed to give all over support, and pressure relief without the heat retention of other memory foam mattresses.

Conform by Sealy Posturepedic is the first mattress on the market to feature cooling gel foam from top to bottom, while some mattresses on the market today only provide a small layer of cooling gel only on top. Sealy Conform is leading the way to provide optimal cooling temperature control from smart technology with Outlast integration for a deep, relaxing, restorative sleep.

Outlast Technology is not a “wicking” material but a proactive heat management technology, because the key to really managing moisture is to manage the heat. Outlast proactively manages heat and moisture to give a better comfortable night’s sleep. From menopausal women to overheated males. Outlast technology is tested and proven to alleviate spikes in skin temperature that cause sleep disturbances. Outlast is proven to balance temperature under the covers to reduce overheating that can cause night time sweating which leads to sleep disturbances.











We offer three degrees of firmness in the Sealy Conform Mattresses

Upbeat Firm

The Upbeat Mattress is the firmest model Conform memory foam mattress made with Cool Gel Outlast Material (10″)


The Optimistic mattress is a Plush model with a 12″ Height.  Feel the Sealy Comfort Sense radiating from this Optimistic model.


The Fondness is a 10″ Memory Foam mattress with a Cushion-Firm feel. This mattress has Posturpedic technology which is a zoned comfort support with Sealy comfort sense and Sealy Chill memory foam to keep you cooler at night. The fabric is also made with a moisture wicking technology which pulls the moisture from the body. Come in today to try the newest in Sealy Technology.