Pure Latex Bliss

PURE Latex Bliss uses a “talalay” Processed latex which is a bit different than dunlop. Talalay give a soft, supple dense uplifiting feel to your mattress. Talalay is the softest form of latex available, it has responsiveness,unmatched feel. Pure Latex Bliss Uses No POLYURETHANE FOAM like other latex mattresses do.


  • Climate controlled technology called, “Active Fusion”, a knitted center mass of the mattresses cover. Bliss’s active fusion material is designed to control the surface temprature to allow mattress cool to touch.
  • Hollow, hole core allows air flow.
  • Sleeping ON TOP of the MATTRESS instead of INSIDE the mattresses provides a nice cool feel while sleeping.
  • Pure Latex Bliss comes in 4 different models from Firm to soft, when you add the Plush 3 Inch Latex Topper to any of these mattresses you get a mattress like no other on the market today.
  • Come Into Mattress Xperts today to feel the difference












The 8″ Pamper Model is the Firmest__ Hardest Feeling talalay mattress on the market. This Mattress is 8 Full inches of Talaly Prices starting at $1599


The Nature is a 10″ Medium/ Firm mattress this mattress has a nice Firm yet Plush feel. It would be comparable to a Plush support coil mattress. Prices for the 10″ Nature start at $2299.00


The Nutrition Mattress is an 11″ mattress with a nice plush/ soft feel. Its has a boyant med soft pillowtop feel without the added pillowtop. Prices starting at $2599.00


The Beautiful is a 12″ super soft feeling mattress Enjoy the benifits of no pressure points on this mattress. luxury mattress__ Luxury support. Prices starting at $2699