Ergo Extend Smart Base Queen Size

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Tempur-Ergo Extend Smart Base

Experience ultimate comfort when you pair your Queen Size mattress with an adjustable base from the Tempur-Smart base line. From custom head and foot support positions to automatic snore detection to a wonderful price. The Tempur-Ergo base is great for those looking for added comforts i their bedroom. 

Put your Sleep System on Autopilot and try the new Ergo Smart base and r daily insights on your sleeping habits and how well you sleep at night. The Tempur-Ergo smart base senses you snoring automatically to raise your head to a great h to ease your breathing.  T will raise  12 degrees when it responds to snoring.  The Technology from the Ergo Smart base is a patented Ai-Technology that offers daily reporting, coaching and personalized sleeping suggestions g to give you a better n sleep 

Smart Home Compatibility is one of the features our customers are raving about at Mattress Xperts. With just a simple "Alexa" or "Google" command you can move your bed, turn on massage and even ask Alexa or Google to tell you how well you slept without even turning on the app on your phone. 

Zero gravity "Hey Alexa put me in Zero gravity position" what a concept huh? The Zero gravity feature on the Ergo Smart base helps elevate your head and your feet to closely simulate weightlessness and help take pressure off of your spine while you are watching tv or sleeping. 

Pillow Tilt Feature only available on the Tempur-Extend is one of those features that some people just shouldn't live without. The Pillow head tilt allows just a small incline on your head from your neck up to slightly elevate your neck which can ease and reduce breathing and snoring issues. 

* Head and Foot Lifts 

* Pillow-Tilt (featured only on this product) 

* Zero Gravity 

* Wireless Remote 

* Quiet Mode 

* Underbed lighting 

* USB ports for charging your phone 

* 4 Zone Massage 

* Snore Response 

* Sleep Monitoring 

* Sleep Coaching 

* Voice command and control  

* Perfect seating control 



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