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Mattress Topper | Soft Down Mattress Topper




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Downlite Feather Bed- Mattress Topper

With our Cloud Top Extra Plush Feather Bed, your nighttime routine will be elevated to a realm of unmatched comfort. Savor a gentle, restorative experience that will make you feel like you're floating among clouds. With its baffle box construction, this incredibly plush pillow top feather bed ensures ample plush zones that beckon you to snuggle into opulent relaxation every night.

The super polyester batting quilted pillow top is expertly crafted to ensure both longevity and a luxurious feel. The filling made of hypoallergenic gray duck feathers offers a comfortable, soft hug. This feather bed, covered in 230 thread count 100% cotton fabric, is the pinnacle of comfort and luxury.

Super-Plush Pillow Top: Experience a cloud-like comfort every night with the luxurious super polyester batting quilted pillow top. Wake up feeling refreshed and rested, like you're on a cloud.

Hypoallergenic Gray Duck Feather Filling:Wrap yourself in a cozy, comforting hug with hypoallergenic gray duck feathers, perfect for those with sensitivities to feather flakes.

Experience luxurious sleep with our Cloud Top Extra Plush Feather Bed (Hypoallergenic), made with 100% cotton fabric boasting 230 thread count for ultimate comfort and durability.

Daily Fluffing: It is advised to fluff it every day to keep it fluffy. This guarantees restorative sleep and constant comfort.

Spot Care Only: Spot care is recommended due to its size. To ensure the feather bed's durability, this helps maintain its integrity.

Keep in mind that this is not a regular bed or mattress, but rather a plush feather bed. Due to its size, spot cleaning is necessary and we recommend fluffing it daily to maintain its softness. With our Cloud Top Extra Plush Feather Bed, available for individual purchase, you can enjoy a truly luxurious and cozy night's sleep. It invites you to escape into a peaceful, plush cocoon.


When should I make sure the feather bed is fluffed up?

A: Regular fluffing is advised to preserve its plushness and guarantee a constantly cozy sleeping surface.

Is it possible to machine wash the feather bed?

A: Spot care is recommended due of its size. For the sake of maintaining its longevity and integrity, we advise spot cleaning on occasion.

How should the feather bed be originally set up for use?

A: To make the feather bed smoother, shake and agitate it vigorously after opening. After shaking, let it air out for a day or longer so that it can naturally fluff up.

Is it possible to use the feather bed as a stand-alone mattress?

A feather bed, not a mattress, is what this is. It's made to make your current mattress more comfortable.

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    Mattress Topper | Soft Down Mattress

    Mattress Topper | Soft Down Mattress Topper



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