What Could Void a Mattress Warranty

A mattress warranty is a document that guarantees the quality of a mattress and outlines the specific terms and conditions of the warranty. A warranty usually covers manufacturing defects and materials failures.
However, there are a few things that will void a mattress warranty. These include:
- Accidental damage, such as tears or stains
- Misuse or abuse of the mattress, such as jumping on it
- Use of an improper bed frame or foundation
- Normal wear and tear

Please understand that Mattress Xperts is not to be held accountable for manufacturing warranties. We will process your warranty and do our best to give you the best service possible.

Mattress & Foundation Warranty Information

There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a mattress, including the warranty. Most mattresses come with a warranty of some kind, but it's important to understand who is responsible for the warranty before you make your purchase.

The manufacture of the mattress is typically responsible for the warranty. This means that if something goes wrong with your mattress within a certain amount of time, the manufacture will likely repair or replace it. However, it's important to read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully before making your purchase.

Some warranties only cover certain types of damage, while others may not cover any damage at all. It's also important to note that most warranties require you to have the mattress professionally cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep them in good condition.

Warranty and Inspection

Each Product you purchase at Mattress Xperts comes with a warranty unless the product is a Floor Model. If you are experiencing issues with your mattress, foundation, or adjustable base. Our manufacturers require documentation of your issues. We will walk you through the process step, by step and handle your warranty in-house to alleviate long wait times Follow the instructions down below to complete the documentation.

Process a Warranty Claim

To file for a warranty claim you will need these items.

* Your purchase invoice

* Picture of your Law-Tag at the top of your mattress or foundation

* Ruler and yardstick

* Video of the issue

Warranty can take up to 6 weeks to process. At any time you can contact our warranty department at the email below. Please make sure you are add your name and phone number of the person who purchaed the product.


1. Once your product has been approved our warranty department will contact you via email and phone.

2. You will need to pay the $75.00 Delivery Fee

3. The product will be shipped to our warehouse.

4. Our warranty department will contact you once your product arrives to our warehouse.

A replacement warranty is a type of warranty that typically indicates that if an item malfunctions, then the item covered by the warranty will be replaced. The method in which it can be replaced may vary among different types of warranties, and this is usually described within the language of the warranty itself. Please contact your mattress manufacture for further warranty questions.

Warranty Department


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