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Tempurpedic Care Guide

Maximize the Lifespan of Your New TempurPedic with Expert Care Tips

It is important to understand the technology of your mattress. A TempurPedic is an open-cell technology foam which means that it conforms to your body without leaving body impressions over time. It always comes back to its natural form. 

Here are a Few Tips Mattress Xperts wants you to know when buying your New TempurPedic. 

1. Your Product may feel a bit more Firm than the mattress you laid on at the store.. Your mattress will have a break-in period due to the cell structures of the foam. 

2. Your mattress may have a smell that is typical when purchasing any new mattress. We ask all of our customers to allow time for your mattress to air out. Open a window in the bedroom and let the fresh air work its way into the mattress. 

3. Your New mattress comes with a 10-year Warranty. Please keep your receipt. You will need this information when processing a warranty in the future. (Mattress Xperts is not responsible for keeping receipts. Our System only keeps customer information for 1 year. ) 

4. Zipper Encasement Care: Some of the TempurPedics come with a removable and washable encasement cover. You may wash your cover with liquid detergent, use a medium to cool water temperature, and low heat drying or hang to dry for the best results. Using High heat could damage the materials inside the encasement and could over time cause shrinking. 

If you have more questions please feel free to contact one of our Mattress Xperts 

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