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Guide To Mattress Shopping

Mattress Shopping

Mattress Shopping can be fun and simple if you know what to look for when you are shopping. At Mattress Xperts we feel that your shopping experience is directly tied to offering a clean soothing atmosphere just as doctors suggest for your home. When looking for a new mattress plan ahead, with a few simple steps you could be on your way to a comfortable nights sleep. Follow our easy steps below, we hope to see you soon.


If it has been a while since your last mattress purchase you will see that there are various different mattresses to choose from these days. Some mattresses provide a sinking in feeling while others are uplifting. While selecting your new mattress at Mattress Xperts it is very important to simply relax so that you can focus on what type of mattress you feel more comfortable on.


When lying on a mattress you will want to focus on your pressure points. Everyone carries weight differently, which effects sleep differently. While women generally carry weight in hips their pressure points are in the hip and neck area. Men typically carry weight in the shoulder and tummy area which pressure points will be shoulder, neck and arm area. Focusing on your needs will help in selecting the perfect sleep.


Trying to find the perfect nights sleep when your stomach is growling like an angry dog is just no fun for anyone. Eating something light, and maybe a glass of wine is recommended before you come in. This will help induce relaxation when shopping for your perfect mattress.

Bring Your Partner

Bring your partner in when you decide to buy a new mattress, that will speed up the process. We have heard the old saying a million times.. “Oh I can sleep on anything” but when we deliver the mattress anything is not that great. Purchasing a mattress can be fun, and enlightening, you may learn fun new things about them.


Mattresses these days come in all different sizes. Measure your existing mattress and foundation before you come, that way you will know exactly what size mattress without guessing. Bring your measurements in and give it to your mattress Expert.