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Buy Mattresses in Bulk

Buy Mattresses in Bulk 

Mattress Xperts is proud to offer smaller hotels, motels, college dormitories, local firehouses and rehab centers around South Florida our volume pricing discounts at wholesale prices.

When you purchase from Mattress Xperts you will also receive our expert delivery teams assistance in loading and unloading all merchandise.  Enjoy the perks of having a locally owned mattress store in your area providing world class delivery and excellent products to chose from and use our wholesale pricing.

No order is too large or small for our corporate sales department. 

We provide services to Many Facilities in South Florida here are just a few examples of what our Corporate Sales Department offers businesses around the South Florida, Broward, Palm Beach County, Miami- Dade and Florida Keys area.  

  • Mattresses for Health care facilities & Rehab Centers 
  • Mattresses for Firemen and Firehouses 
  • Mattresses for Hotels and Motels 
  • Mattresses for Vacation Home rentals 
  • Mattresses for Local Resorts 
  • Mattresses for FAU, Dorm Rooms and Summer Camps  
  • Mattresses for  Interior Design and Staging 

Know that you are in Good hands with Mattress Xperts. We have worked with local businesses all over the South Florida area and would love to add you to our list of happy Commercial Customers.  

Contact our Corporate Sales Staff at or contact Jason or Mike at (954) 563-3768

In Addition to our Amazing List of celebrated Commercial & Corporate clients we also provide services for custom design mattresses for speciality bed sizes and construction for Yachts and Boats.  Click Here to View our Contact info for Yachting Mattresses.