Solstice Mattresses

Whether your dreams take you on a soothing journey to a far-off retreat or cozying up with warm memories, the perfect choice of mattress is as unique as you are. No one particular mattress type is “better” than another. What truly matters is selecting a well constructed product that is best suited to your specific needs and preferences. With Solstice Sleep Products, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for price.

Memory Foam

Visco-elastic memory foam was originally developed to reduce the stress of g-forces to an astronaut body during lift-off.  It is a polyurethane foam specially produced to have increased density.  It is also temperature sensitive and conforms to the body shape, but returns to its original form when not in use.  The ability to eliminate pressure points while offering durability makes this material an enticing option for lush comfort and dependable support.











Solstice Veridian Collection

Traditional concepts of innerspring support structure are integrated with technologically advanced construction of the coils. The supportive spring system is designed to improve proper torso alignment and help reduce partner movement throughout the night to give a better night’s sleep. Edges are reinforced with metal border wires or total encasement using fiber and foam to support the sleep surface and reduce break-down all the way to the edge. With preferred-grade upholstery materials and fabrics, we are able to harmonize your style with your comfort needs for a great night’s sleep.