Savvy Rest Organic

SavvyRest Organic mattresses are made with 3 inch layers of either Dunlop or Talalay latex. The SavvyRest is customizable for any body type. Many Consumers are aware that chemicals being used from foams to chemicals used in fire retardants. Savvy Rest uses only natural products with no harmful toxic VOC’s. Organic mattresses are ideal for those consumers who want to limit the chemicals being found in and around their home. Savvy Rest mattresses come with a list of certifications from the USDA, and other safe consumer product certifications. The Savvy Rest allows each individual sleeper to customize their feel in both a queen and king size mattress. The amazing layering technique is done without glues. Come Feel the Difference today!

Savvy Rest Offers:

  • 100% Certified Organic mattress certified by highly recognized third party certifications.
  • Customize each side of the mattress for each individual partner.
  • Layer configuration in either dunlop or talalay.
  • No Chemical Fire-Retardants
  • Uses all natural organic cotton, wool and latex for a customized mattress.












10″ Serenity mattress is SavvyRest Flagship product. Customizable for any body type with personalized contamination of soft, medium or firm feels

Unity Pillowtop

The Unity Pillow top has 4 3″ layers of latex in a mix of singular mix of dunlop or talalay latex


Tranquility is a 7″ mattress great for young adults and children. Safe non toxic without fire retardants. Two layers of latex in a zip cover.


Economical Innerspring mattress made of organic cotton latex and a bonnel coil system.