Latex Mattresses

If latex is something you’ve been looking for a mattress, Mattress Xperts has exactly what you need! Our company’s employees are mostly latex bedding enthusiasts – most of us own latex products and have been satisfied with them for many years. We love showing  every one of our customers the qualities and properties of latex; it just makes sense when it comes to bedding and human health.

Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses

Savvy Rest uses only natural products with no harmful toxic VOC’s. Organic mattreses are ideal for those consumers who want to limit the chemicals being found in and around their home.












Pure Latex Bliss

Pure Latex Bliss uses a “talalay” processed latex which is a bit different than dunlop. Talalay gives a soft, supple dense uplifiting feel to your mattress, allowing optimal airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.


Reverie Latex Mattresses

The Reverie Dream Cell’s natural foam springs, made with natural latex, serve as the support system for our custom mattresses and come in four different firmness levels ranging from extra soft to firm.